Monday, February 6, 2012

Thoughts of the Past

The other day I asked my Mama to bring me lunch. Yes, I am in college and I asked my mother to bring me lunch. I was going to starve otherwise. Luckily I have a mother that will leave work, bring me food and eat lunch with me in the car.. after she takes me to my next class.. "Mother of the Year Award". When she got back to work her friends were discussing how they wouldn't do that with their children (they all have kids under the age of 5). My mother reassured them they were wrong. That's when she begins to tell them how she said she would never leave work to bring us stuff that we forgot..

Calls from Washington School office:
"Mama, I forgot my drill team outfit and we are leaving in 20 minutes for the game!" - Laura
"Mama, I got Laura's lunch and not mine and she didn't get mine!" - me
"Can you please bring me my soccer stuff for after school.. I forgot!" - me
"Mama, did you know we have a track meet!?!?! I don't have my stuff!" - Laura

Those are just a few of the many calls my mother got from middle school until my senior year. And she never disappointed us, she would clock out, go home and bring us whatever we needed.

This lead to my Mama and I laughing about the things my sister and me did and how we didn't drive drove my mother crazy.

  • Laura dancing around the hallways with a huge blanket on (for no reason) and rips the thermostat completely off the wall...... $100 replacement charge. 
  • Laura somehow breaks every faucet in the all the bathrooms.. "Mama I didn't mean to.." .... not sure how much that one cost.. 
  • "Our kids will NEVER sleep with a nightlight." - my father... I proved him wrong. 
  • "My kids will NEVER sleep with me." - both my parents... @ 2 AM when I'm poking you because I had a nightmare, proved you wrong there too..
  • "I will NEVER go to Wal-Mart the night before a school project." - Mama... 10 PM: one of us has a project due and we don't have a poster board.. good thing Wal-Mart is 24 hours. 
  • 7:25 AM.. "Will you braid my hair?" .. "Are you kidding me, we have to leave!" (did it anyways). 
  • "Mama there's a bump in my hair! Re-do it!!"... "UHHH!"
  • "Laura, you have 5 minutes in the shower, Katie needs to get in!" ... 20 minutes later.. "LAURA GET OUT! WE HAVE TO LEAVE!"
  • "Laura, please don't tell Dad we got report cards.." .. "Ok, I won't." ... What does she do? Calls our dad as soon as we get home.. 
I miss living with my sister... even her messiness... and use of all the hot water... and dirty dishes piled 4 feet high in the sink for 3 days. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year, New Start, Right?

Well I finally did it, started a blog.. Now let's get this started, shall we? 2012 started off in the right almost right direction. My dad would say it started off in the perfect direction because I now have a set graduation date and it shouldn't being changing.. or I'll be changing zip codes and assuming a new identity. I started my intro blocks for teaching and those people are all about doing some projects. Geez Louise! But that's enough about school (I'll be doing that for the rest of my life - right career move ... ?)

 I have met some pretty A-MAZING people this semester as well. During the week my life consists of getting through school and trying to get everything done so I can still have a life.. so far I'm successful. T-shirt Tuesdays, Wednesday: Family Game Night (I haven't made it to that one yet, but my life was recently threatened if I wasn't at the next one), and Thursdays, oh well they are just Thursdays that don't hurt your bank account.

Last weekend Maribeth, Lott and I took ourselves to a "paint" party. I've never been to anything quite like that. Standing around in the bar and there is neon paint being sprayed all over you. Some people didn't like it.. why they were there, I'm still not sure.. but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. However, I regret wearing in there: my favorite bracelet that mysteriously broke, one of my earrings disappeared, and I'm still trying to get green paint out of my watch. But other than those 3 little details I got to spend the night with some great friends!
"Paint" party @ the Frat
Maribeth, Lott and me